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Why choose us?

We are a small, welcoming, international pre-school enriched by cultural diversity and parental involvement.


Lessons are given in English, based on the Montessori principles in a loving and nurturing atmosphere.


We are the only English speaking Montessori pre-school in the greater Oslo area.


Our staff is fully trained Montessori professionals who are dedicated to the development of each individual child.


We are a well-established pre-school with a long history of traditions including:

For Enrolled Children :

  • Cultural traditions of attending families

  • 17th May celebration – Norwegian national day

  • UN day

  • Nissefest

  • Teddy bear party

  • Valentines day party

  • Easter breakfast

  • Nature school

  • Ski school

  • Norwegian cultural trips

  • Individual child birthday celebration

Enrollment Info :

​​Everyone applying for a place in a preschool in Bærum must apply through the application portal on Bærum kommune's website


If you are not registered resident in Norwey with the Norwegian Folkeregister you should complete the application form and send it by email to:

The deadline for applying for the main enrollment process is 01 March.

We take children from aged 2-school age.


Our opening hours are from 08:00 to 16:15.

We follow the maximum price set by the Norwegiian government. 

We provide warm lunches 3 times a week and fruit snack every day at an additional cost.

Events for parents and families:

  • Start of term social

  • UN celebration

  • Festival of light in December

  • End of year get together

  • 17th May coffee and cake

  • Montessori information evenings

  • Classroom visits

  • Conferences


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