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​About our school


Who we are:

Founded in 1987, The International Montessori Pre-school was the first of its kind in Norway.  It was established to provide instruction and activities in the English language for pre-school aged children, based on Montessori principles.

The Organization:

We are a non-profit, parent owned organization.
We encourage involvement by, and contributions from, parents on all levels. This includes:

  • Board of Directors

  • Coordination Committee

  • Workdays

  • Attending 2 meetings annually

  • Sharing your culture with all the           children



We have a large fully equipped Montessori classroom for the 3-6 age group and a separate, yet integrated, under 3s classroom.


IWe have enough space so have a movement room for movement games and physical activities including an indoor soft play apparatus.


Outside is our play area which offers the opportunity to climb, balance, run, jump, swing, slide and enjoy outside games.


We are conveniently located in Sandvika, 17km from the centre of Oslo and 10km from the centre of Asker. We are close to all public transport links.

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