IMS Staff


Athina joined IMS in 2001 and is employed as the manager/administrator. Athina's responsibilities are for the administrative and financial side of the school in cooperation with the Board of Directors. Personnel responsibility is shared between Athina and Tanesha.


Elizabeth had worked as a Montessori teacher since 1997. She joined IMS in October 2004 and was head teacher/directress and pedagogic leader from 2009-16. She is currently working part time as pedagogic leader whilst studying for her Bachelor of Education in Norway.


Tanesha has a Bachelor of Eductaion and is a Montessori teacher. She has worked within child education since 2001, and joined IMS in May 2016. Tanesha is head teacher/directress and pedagogic leader.


Louise is a Montessori teacher who joined IMS in February 2011. Louise works in close cooperation with Tanesha and Elizabeth in the 3-6 age group.


Kasia has both a Bachelors and a Masters in Education and Montessori 0-3.  Kasia has worked with children since 2010 in Poland, the USA and now Norway.  She joined IMS in 2019 and is the lead teacher in the under 3s room.    



Sarah has a degree in design technology and physical eduation. She joined IMS in 20011 and is currently working in the 3-6 room in close cooperation with Tanesha and Elizabeth


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